About Us

D Third Eye Studio is a well established studio. With the vision of presenting everything aesthetically, our photographers visualises and presents reality as art. Famous for its Ecommerce photography and videography , we believe is capturing elegance. We are one stop for all your photography & videography works, starting from product photography to product ad shoot. Its a place where art meets commercialisation. Doesnt matter if you capture artsy photos or professional calendar ones, we are your go-to-place. We offer you every chance to bring your creative self forward. Be it fashion, media events or product shoot, we have got your back. When you choose us, you choose the aesthetics you always wanted.


Our Services

  • Corporate photography and videography

  • Ecommerce photography

  • Products photography and videography

  • Corporate headshot and corporate profile shoot

  • Interior photography and videography

  • Model's Portfolio shoot

  • Products ad shoot

  • Outdoor fashion shoot

  • 360 video shoot

  • Event shoot

  • Wedding photography and videography

  • Video production

Our Clients

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