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Branding & Designing

Businesses need a strong presence in the market to differentiate their work and vision for their chosen line of work. Dynamics of the market requires business owners to look for service providers that can build their brand identity.

RIGHT BRANDING makes you instantly recognizable to your customers. Your customers will associate your brand with your product or service, whether they buy from you or not; it’s the Brand identity that sticks out.

Branding is VERY IMPORTANT in this day and age, if businesses want their unique work to be noticed and appreciated. Look at some of the biggest corporations around the world and you will understand the way their business is aligned towards a brand strategy. Apple, Google, and Walmart are a few examples.

At D Third Eye studio we will spell out a strategy for you starting with:

  • What makes your business special?
  • What set your business apart from others?
  • When these questions are answered, we work towards placing your brand in the eyes of world by doing the following:

Designing the LOGO:

A logo that clearly defines who you are as a brand, and what you stand for is the foundation of your business. We endeavor to create a brand that is recognizable through a logo, and can stand out among the countless others.

Color palettes:

Choosing the right Color palette is very important to the business. Red defines passion, while black represents modern approach. At D Third Eye studio, we choose the right color palette that will instantly define how your customer understands your Brand.

Email Design:

Choosing the right Email design will help you build a personal connection with your targeted consumers. Easily readable and recognizable format will build the right connection. Finally, creating the right BRANDING and DESIGN will help you gain the required traction among the countless other brands in your business. At D Third Eye studio we will help you achieve that dream.

How We Work

Our collaborative process covers every aspect of your business goal



Our team of professionals collaborates with you extensively to understand your vision. Our goal is to showcase your vision through an online presence.



Our process is simple: We gather the information at our disposal & execute it into an eventual output. Throughout the process we remain true to the vision.



Once the project is completed after unlimited revisions, we submit it to client for his or her approval.

Our other services

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.